Community is at the heart of everything we do Shift!  It's a God idea and a gift to yourself and others.  You were never intended to endure your successes, trials and struggles alone, nor the pain and hurt that stems from them.  We Groups are one of the best places to huddle and foster authentic relationships, give and receive encouragement, serve together, and experience transformation. Whether you desire to lead or join an existing or upcoming We Group near or far, you are better with others in community.  

Jesus stated, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there."

2023We Groups 

Growth We Group: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality  
It's time to go deeper beyond the iceberg and getting to the roots that remain unmoved and unchanged by God's Word.
Weekend:  Sunday 10:45 AM PST
Category: In-Person
Ages: 18 and up
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New Opportunities

We now are accepting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly We Groups for the fall and winter months.

Growth Groups: 
Core Foundations Training for Successful Christian Living, Personal Development, Spiritual Development
Common Interest Groups: 
Arts, Bikers, Foodies, Walkers, Hikers, Prayer, Readers, Sports, Movie Watchers, Knitters, Roller Skaters, Adventurers
Life Groups: 
Co-EdMen, Young Adults, Women, Married Couples, The Mrs.
Restoration Group:
Codependency, Recovery, Soul Therapy to Prosperity
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