Prosper Your Soul 

3 John 2:1 Amplified Bible 
Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].

Once you are a born-again believer, you have a new spiritual nature that God approved of in His Son, Christ Jesus. But wait! Other parts of you need to be more in alignment with your new spirit. You still have some old mindsets and memories with thoughts that need to shift. Good news! God has already prescribed the way for you to walk in wholeness where all of you, "spirit, soul, and body," collaborate as one. 

You have the Helper, Holy Spirit, living within your spirit, helping you cleanse and heal your soul's memories and emotions from hurts, unhealthy habits, and hangups from past soul ties. The primary way to refresh and prosper your soul is with the washing of water by God's living Word. Be intentional in cultivating and expanding your soul's capacity and experience breakthroughs and freedom for your mind, will, and emotions so that you are positioned to succeed and be in good physical, mental, and emotional health for the future opportunities awaiting you.

God has so much in store for you so let's go and prosper your soul!

Father in Jesus Name, I’m standing in agreement with Your Word. Sanctify my soul and separate me with Your truth. Your Word is truth.
John 17:17

I acknowledge that I have spoken unrighteously in Your sight God and I dwell in the midst of a culture of unclean lips. Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips to keep me from speaking thoughtlessly. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. Psalm 141:3
Psalm 19:14

Father God, You have made me a new creation in Christ Jesus.  When I am aware and acknowledge that I have sinned by violating Your Word, have mercy upon me according to Your lovingkindness. Make a fresh start in my soul from the chaos in my life. Going through the motions doesn’t please you, a flawless performance is not what You are after. Create in me a clean heart and renew the right steadfast spirit within me so that the joy of my salvation is restored.
Psalm 51
I give thanks to You God! I pray today for spiritual wisdom and revelation in knowing Jesus. The eyes of my heart is enlightened, so that I may know exactly what it is that You are calling me to do, what is the richness of His glorious inheritance in the people of God, and what is Your exceedingly great power toward us who keep trusting Him—in keeping with the working of His mighty strength. I have spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear Your voice and a strange voice I will not follow.
John 10:5

I come boldly to Your throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help me in time of need and to receive Your forgiveness from sin that You have given me through Your only Son, Jesus.  
Hebrews 4:16

I am a new creation. I am a new sign and wonder in this world. I choose with my will to be like Christ. I won’t be normal. God, I come before your throne. I love your Son, Jesus Christ. Right now I am deciding to clean up my soul with Your Word and Spirit.
2 Corinthians 5:17
Galatians 2:20

Loose Things That God Never Planted in Your Soul

Jesus, He answered, “Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant will be torn up by the roots.”
Matthew 15:13 

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; the things you don’t allow on earth will be the things that God does not allow, and the things you allow on earth will be the things that God allows.
Matthew 16:19 

Again I say to you, that if two believers on earth agree [that is, are of one mind, in harmony] about anything that they ask [within the will of God], it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.
Matthew 18:19 

Father, I choose as an act of my will to loose all fear, hate, confusion, grief, misunderstanding, offense, witchcraft, operating against me, in me or in my family.

I loose all anger, addiction, to a drug or person, an idol or thing. I loose it in Jesus Name. I choose to loose all criticizing, hurtful, bashing, trashing, mean words, any judgmental attitudes. I loose from my soul every word that was spoken to me that I listened to or I said about myself.

I loose from my soul any words I spoke against any person. I loose judgmental criticism that I spoke over and to others. Any anger I spoke to others, any hurting, crippling, crushing, controlling words that I spoke over and to others.

I loose from my soul any hate, any vengeance, any offense, any unforgiveness, anything spoken against me or I have spoken against or to others.

I choose as an act of my will to loose oppression, depression, despair, suicide thoughts of any kind. I choose to loose from my soul any unclean movies I have watched,  I loose from my soul any pornography, any pedophile, any wicked defiled sin that I looked at or thought about or forced to watch by others with graphic violence whether seen or heard, books I’ve read, I loose it. It has no hold or place on me or in my soul.

I loose the spirit of infirmity, any sickness, disease, germs or viruses, handicaps of any kind that it has no place in or power over me. Any thoughts or suggestions from the enemy that attacked me from any of those ways. I loose them now from my soul and body now in Jesus Name.

I loose any fear and anxiety of any kind whether unfounded or known fear as far back as I have been alive from my conception. If I heard or seen things of fear that caused me to be anxious, insecure, feelings of unworthiness, shameful and a guilty conscious it’s gone now in Jesus Name.

I loose from my soul any mindsets and mentalities of lack, poverty, stinginess, greed and lust for things that keep me unsettled and discontented or anything that makes me feel like I have to hide money or hoard, or misuse money. Any wealth that was stolen, I forgive myself and others in Jesus Name. I was not made to live in lack. I was made to be wealthy. Jesus became poor that I might become rich through His Word. Anything other than the abundant life that God gave me in Christ, I am not keeping it alive in Jesus Name.

I loose from my soul any failure, any thoughts of failure, any failed activities or business or plans of the enemy that took me out of them. I will not be associated with failure. I am above and not beneath. Any thoughts of being beneath and less than thoughts and feelings I will not keep them in Jesus Name. I loose them from my soul now.

I loose from my soul deep sadness and grief and unfounded sadness that has no ground or root to remain in my soul. I will not keep grief in my soul. I was made to carry and express joy. I choose to no longer keep sadness in Jesus Name.

I loose from my soul any deceiving words that were spoken to me or about me that are untrue and anything that I’ve I heard of in the news and any fake news. I loose from my soul any lies about this time, any corruption, that I heard spoken. I will not make any premature judgments from that. I loose it all from my soul in Jesus Name.

Any thoughts I have had of being unimportant, unworthy and not measuring up to the standards of others in my family, community, job, and world I will not keep those thoughts. I will take them captive. I loose them from my soul in Jesus Name.

Bind Things Only God Desires for Your Soul 

I bind to my soul the love of God that’s abundantly poured out within my heart through the Holy Spirit who was given to me, the life of God, and His everlasting presence.

I bind to my soul the joy of the Lord that’s my strength and His creativity to produce wealth with wisdom.

I bind to my soul God’s expectations, validating thoughts, will, and His way.

I bind to my soul revelation knowledge, understanding, sound wisdom, instructions, and increase discernment operating the way God originally intended.

I bind to my soul my gifts and callings that God gave me. I will not let them go. I will run after it whole heartedly.

I bind to my soul the living Word of God that’s a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. His word I will meditate on all the time.

I bind to my soul the goodness of God that will be evident  in my life, the light and glory of God that will come through me. Christ in me is the hope of glory.

I bind to my soul my righteous position to sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. I reign in the earth as His representative of my King, Jesus, and His kingdom with compassion and love.

I bind to my soul the blessing of the Lord, Gods wealth that makes me rich and adds no sorrow with it. I have plenty to give and plenty to invest in God’s Kingdom causes and purposes, and to i save wisely as I increase more and more.

I bind to my soul the victory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He disarmed the rulers and authorities [those supernatural forces of evil operating against me], He made a public example of them [exhibiting them as captives in His triumphal procession], having triumphed over them “demons” through the cross. I fight the good fight of faith that God has given to me and required of me with His Words and instructions. I always win no matter what with God’s Word.

Put Your Angels to Work

Bless the Lord, you angels of His, mighty in strength, quick to hear and do what He says. Father God, I thank You for the angels that You have assigned to me. I receive them now to minister on my behalf, in Jesus Name, who is the Lord of Hosts.

I command you angels to take the victory of Jesus within me that stripped Satan’s power and help me to maintain our victory as one. Angels stand guard as I close all doors that would give Satan an opportunity to attack my home, marriage, finances, my family, health, and my destiny. I take the power over all the power of the enemy trying to bring violence or disruption to me in any way and to my city and country.

I charge you now angels to stand guard and manifest yourselves if necessary as I stand and  command with God’s Word over all the power of demonic controlling groups or people wanting to do violent acts. I pull down all the footholds and strongholds of Satan’s subtle suggestions and unholy activities anywhere around me.

Angels of God, be quick to hear and respond to every Word that I release from my mouth to uproot and slash demons and devour heirarchy platforms ruling with evil intentions that Satan setup up through those he has blinded and deceived. They are now replaced with the rightful people appointed by Jesus Christ. I rule because He rules within my spirit. And with Christ's followers, we are creating regions of light. I command trillions of the Angelic Host to go to: (Say all the locations and name the people in your family, friends, neighbors, cities, co-workers, business partners, nations).

I charge you now Angels now to protect my world from any known and unknown germs, diseases, and viruses.  My body isn’t deceived or confused in any way. I will not receive them, nor tolerate any of them in and on my body, nor will I participate with the enemy’s plan to be distant from others. In Jesus name! Thank You, Father for Your Son who died for me, and this world. I am a joint heir with all Jesus has, it is now mine. I receive it all now, I’m not waiting for it. I have it!

Help me to be aware Holy Spirit of all that I have now in my possession. I now have Your Word, Spirit, Body of Christ in community, Blood of Jesus, communion to remember the finished work of Jesus, rest as I trust You, victory, my measure of faith to get results, prayer, praise, and Your resurrected life. I am abundantly loaded!

My Father God, from this moment  forward cause me to experience Your living presence throughout my day and Your living Word that gives me joy, life, peace, and hope, keep me among true followers of Christ in this Earth. Thank You Jesus for praying for me and believers in John 17 and for all these prayers offered as I head into my new day in my new year in the mighty and matchless Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Now that we are cleansed in our souls, we have power to speak and see the demonstrations of the Holy Spirit with confidence and our prayers aren't hindered!  If you want to live and to continue to experience the supernatural lifestyle, keep setting your ears to hear and consider how you are listening so that you can readily respond to the Word of God. Faith comes be hearing God’s Word only. 
Luke 8:18

Now watch God perform His words that you and I declared. This is so amazing to me as I’ve witnessed this for years and the timing of when it actually is manifested suddenly.