Journaling your inspiration helps you to know and experience God personally through His Word. It is a great resource to express your emotions in words and register your growth in becoming more like Christ. Journaling often your inspirations will cause you to see with clarity how God is guiding your life through the Holy Spirit. And as you meditate upon His Word and respond to all you have written, you will have success.

God passionately loves you and knows everything about you. So don't hold out or be afraid to express your thoughts or ask skeptical or weird questions. Expect for God to show up amid your journaling experience and even afterward. He desires to reveal His thoughts and plans to you so that you know that you have encountered the one and true living God.

The sheep that are My own hear My voice and listen to Me; I know them, and they follow Me.

                                                                                                                     John 10:27 Amplified Bible

The Hear Method

There are many methods to journaling your inspiration. We have chosen a simple and yet profound way to connect your heart with your Savior.  It's The Hear Method!  Jesus has made it possible for you to discover, hear, and follow His voice in His Word. He is the living Word of God! Journal your inspiration from God's Word with The Hear Method.
Highlight the passage of Scripture that speaks to your heart. Write the chapter and verse and title it with a description of why you choose the verse(s).
Explain your observations from your text selections. To assist with journaling your explanations, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you and inquire why He led you to highlight that particular verse(s) and what it says to you or about others.
Action is where the adventure is and the ultimate goal of God! He doesn't want you to be a reader or a hearer only from His Word. He wants you to do something that can transform your life and the lives around you. Journal how you can apply the Scripture(s) that you highlighted and explained. Ask yourself this question, "How can I take action in my life today?"
Respond to God! He needs you. Through your journaling process, God has revealed Himself to you so that you can readily recognize what He wants from you and quickly respond to it.  Writing a simple prayer, requesting His help and encouragement, forgiving yourself or others, taking action to finish what He last asked of you, or just lavishly pouring out your gratitude for all the great things that God has done.