Be done with the spirit of fear!  When you know who you are in Jesus Christ and use His authority that He gave you, you will refuse the attempts of the suggestions and lies of the enemy that  to lead you to his anxious thoughts and behaviors.  Fear is a subtle spirit, and if it grips your soul, Satan will rob you of your promised inheritance from God.  It is time like never before to take a bold stand with other believers in Christ by signing The Fearless Petition. Your online signature represents your freedom and courageous stand to receive God's perfect love that casts out all fear.

By signing The Fearless Petition, you are agreeing to take a bold stand against the spirit of fear and put your trust and faith in God alone.  At Shift Today Ministries, the moment you press the send button, we set ourselves in agreement with your stand of faith in God knowing that He will never leave you or forsake.

Read each fearless statement below and choose the best option according to your faith.