December 2023

Welcome December 2023!

There's comes a time in every believer’s life where we must trust God. Start your month making a firm decision to trust and believe God.

Choose to let  go of doubt, despair, and doing things without God. This is how we get on and into experiencing the resurrection life and lifestyle of Christ.

Jesus had a ministry of “inclusion” where everyone could get in on a far better life that our culture offers. In Christ, God put all of our wrongs on Him who never did anything wrong, so “we” could be put right with God once and for all.

Declaring as we establish our  month and end our year by faith in the finished works of Christ that we will experience dreams and visions that God seeded within us, defined by what God says about us, decree what has already been spoken, be a doer (John 5:19) and not a hearer only, see powerful results from positive decisions and much more.

If no one told you today, “I love ya’ with and through the best love ever, God’s love.”

Hugs and blessings,

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