We gotta’ decide a thing before we decree a thing (Job 22:28). I love the beginning of the new month, it’s a new start and time to reflect and reset.

For years I have prophesied “spoken specifically things I perceive God wanting to demonstrate in the future” for my life, marriage, children, grandkids and family’s lives, finances, my ministry, business endeavors, and aligning relationships in the  beginning of my month.

The benefits of this are amazing as my expectations are heightened and off the charts. My capacity to trust increases as a believer to receive from God as I watch Him show up in Ephesians 3:20 ways that surpasses my understanding.

I am challenging you on the onset of your brand new month to join me and reset. You don’t have to wait for the new yrar ehen you can dtart today! Grab a note on your phone or journal and write a new vision for your life and goals and begin to live them out by taking small new course of actions and be consistent so that you can break the power of the old ineffective ways of the past.

Lastly, don’t do life alone! Go fishing to get around like-minded people who have chosen to level up their lives with wisdom and grace. We are out here in many industries to connect with. Find safe people where you feel safe to be your authentic self as you’re transforming and can be accountable for your actions in “every area” of your life with boundaries.

Hugs and Happy November!❤️