It’s Your Season

It’s the 3rd watch at 1:35 AM PST and some of you will read this Word now because you’re up. Some will read it when you arise and even others will stumble across this Word written in this hour on Monday, October 30th.

And you will know if this is a timely prophetic Word and forecast for you as you will be strengthed, encouraged, comforted as well corrected to prepare yourself to get in alignment with God’s assignment on His chronos watch which is now so that you will be ready when your season comes.

If this is for you and you know it as a witness, a confirmation by your spirit let’s come into a Matthew 18:19 agreement in this moment by typing, “My Season” or “I’m in Preparation.”

To be clear, this Word isn’t a dose of dopamine, a feel good ploy to prey upon your emotions, this is a Word for many of you who are positioned to gain new territory as you put your hands to your assigned plow with your boots on the ground ready to walk in your God-given authority that’s flowing freely out of your Christ-centered righteous identity.