Don’t Stop and Settle

God’s got your land of Canaan on His mind. A land of promises filled with milk and honey. A land of abundance. Here’s the catch, in order to experience all that He has for you, it’s critical that you don’t stop and settle for places of familiarity and comfort to avoid the challenges and adventure of the unforeseen future. Terah, Abraham’s father started with great intentions to “set out”  towards new opportunities with his family from Ur to Canaan and along the way he decided to “settle” down in Haran the place of comfort instead of pressing on to Canaan the new land of promise. Stop playing it safe and coasting through life. Now is the time to get unsettled and get your faith up and gather all you have left and move on.  “By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went out to a place he was going to receive as an inheritance. He went out, not knowing where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8).